Our favourite ways to engage and sell online

26 Mar 2021

The purpose of advertising is to sell. With e-commerce and social media both growing so quickly, it’s no wonder brands are using the two together to engage followers and maximise opportunities for sales.
Here are some of the opportunities we’re discussing with our clients right now.

Influencer marketing

Experts have been predicting the demise of influencer marketing for a while now, but, used appropriately, this is still a powerful tool to engage a new audience. Microinfluencers: as opposed to premier influencers, micro-influencers are more like average people who have a larger-than-average social media follower. If you attract enough of them, typically through social media contests and giveaways, you can achieve the same numbers as top-level influencers at a fraction of the cost and effort. Micro-influencers work well for our UK hand sanitiser client, Anzupp.



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LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories is a relatively new feature that offers brands the opportunity to share less formal content. This can be a great way to give your followers a sense of the culture of your brand – but be mindful to keep the focus on business, rather than personal lives, as you would with Instagram Stories.

Interactive content

Content that is dynamic, engaging and that offers users an immersive experience is great for increasing dwell time as well as bringing experiences to life. Interactive content can range from something simple, such as a ‘ripple’ effect when mousing over a home screen, to the VR game drive we created for an activation for the Bothongo Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve. We’re also fans of simple forms of gamification, such as spin-and-wins on a website to increase email newsletter subscribers. Whenever it comes to interactive content, we’re mindful of data consumption and download speeds.

Live interactions with virtual events

Livestreamed events are a great way to extend your reach beyond your venue. During Lockdown Level 3, when audiences could not watch our live snake shows, we took the snakes to them – on social media. We invited viewers to comment and ask questions, and the footage we got will be easily repurposed for future social media posts.

Omni-campaign marketing on Facebook

One of the quickest ways to improve your Facebook results is to run more than one campaign at a time. Essentially this means using a reach campaign to get the post in front of as many people as possible, but also using an engagement campaign in order to get that ad in front of people who are likely to comment, like or share the post. Facebook’s algorithm likes this two-prong approach and as a result will improve the post’s performance. Add Facebook shopping functionality to this, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Instagram and Facebook Shops

Instagram and Facebook now allow brands to create and post interactive ads that allow users to click and shop with ease. Instagram believes this will make it easier for businesses to reach prospective new customers, as it will effectively shorten the sales funnel, giving consumers the instant access they want. This is great for impulse purchases and products that are linked to trending topics or hashtags.

WordPress WooCommerce Multistore Network

We use this approach for brands that are sold in many countries. For obvious reasons, we want shoppers to be able to view products that are only available in their country. This allows them to checkout in their preferred currency and increases conversion rates. There are definite SEO benefits of having traffic directed toward one domain as opposed to creating a separate domain for each region.

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