Brand Factor launches quirky new UK hand sanitiser brand

12 Nov 2020

Put your Anzupp for Brand Factor! When our client, Healthguard Hygiene UK, saw an opportunity to launch a new B2C hand sanitiser brand, they turned to Brand Factor to create the magic.
Just launched in the UK market, Anzupp is the result of many Zoom calls and loads of passion. Brand Factor worked very closely with Healthguard Hygiene UK and its holding company, the Bothongo Group, to develop every aspect of the new brand. The brief from our client, Bothongo Group CMO Asheen Dayal, was “create a hand sanitiser brand that millennials can relate to”.

The resulting brand is built around the insight that, in incredibly tough times, a sense of humour is almost as essential to health as good hand hygiene.

Brand Factor developed Anzupp from scratch, including brand strategy, CI, packaging design, shopper strategy, website, SEO, music selection, social media and influencer campaigns.

Hand sanitiser has become an essential in 2020, but it’s a largely commoditised category with few competitors focusing on brand personality as a differentiator. To differentiate Anzupp in a very crowded marketplace, the Brand Factor team opted to create bright, colourful packaging with quirky sayings to bring through the brand personality and attract shoppers both online and in-store.

The first four Anzupp variants, all fragranced, are designed to reflect different personas. A limited-edition festive season range has also just been launched, and there are plenty of new innovations in the pipeline.

Healthguard Hygiene CEO Nick Winstone loves the work that Brand Factor has done on Anzupp. “The whole team has been blown away by the standard of the work done by Brand Factor. We love what they’ve done and we’re very excited about taking this brand to the UK market.”

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