Another Key Unlocked

21 Jul 2021

Brand Factor has just landed yet another client this week, Storage King!


This National storage giant has awarded all their social media campaigns to this fast-growing agency, with their talented team of creatives who already do a great deal of work for other brands in the digital and social space.


Storage King provides many options and services which include portable storage solutions, they pack for you, they transport the storage unit to you and you can even visit it if you need something from the unit. All really convenient!

It certainly is the smart storage choice and they have made the smart choice by employing this fast turnaround agency in this digital world where efficacy on all levels is so important.


Candice Dixon, Managing Director of Brand Factor, a Fourways based agency, is being quoted saying:” We are really excited to add Storage King to our stellar list of clients and cannot wait to work on this brand, exploring exciting ways to amplify their business and business solutions on the social media platforms to all South Africans in need of storage solutions. There are so many wonderful creative ways to advertise and educate South Africans about simple and easy storage solutions which could make their lives effortless”