Animal lovers roar with approval for Brand Factor client

14 Oct 2019

When the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve in the Cradle of Humankind needed to make a very important announcement, they turned to their most trusted communication partner to get the message out. Brand Factor handled everything from the communication strategy to social media and signage on the reserve, as well as finding the right PR partner – helping the reserve to achieve all of its communication objectives and more.

On September 9, the reserve made an announcement that had South Africa’s conservation and tourism sector buzzing: with immediate effect they were putting a stop to cub petting. What was acceptable in 1990 when the reserve first opened was no longer acceptable in 2019, and now that the reserve was under the ownership of the Bothongo Group, this decision had been taken. “You don’t need to touch to connect” was the message to the public.

The work started a month before. The Brand Factor team worked closely with the reserve’s marketing team and management to get the tonality just right – vital when dealing with such an emotive issue. There was a lot to get done, from the overall communication strategy to signage on the reserve, social media posts, updates to the guidebook and website and a billboard – and Brand Factor coordinated all of it. Finding the right PR partner to get the message out was an essential part of the task, and Brand Factor selected Tin Can based on their professionalism and track record.

The campaign earned editorial coverage to the value of just under R1,3 million, with two interviews secured – including one on eNCA – and 31 pieces published. Response to the announcement has been overwhelmingly positive, and the management of the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is thrilled.

From our client – Jessica Khupe, Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve:

“I just want to thank Candice Dixon ,Sarah Britten and the rest of the team at Brand Factor for their hard work and dedication, and always going the extra mile for their clients! Last night, because we were trending, we were afforded an interview with #eNCA for Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve and I must say, the response from the public and exposure is amazing! Thank you so much team.”